Our company was founded in 1961 and was part of the global agency Research International for many years. Today we are integrated into the global network of KANTAR, thus we are one of the most well-known market research agencies in Austria with 24 employees, a very long history in the local market, and substantial experience in basically all areas of research.

With a comprehensive range of highly developed and internationally validated research tools such as eValuate, NeedScope, TRI*M, Value Manager, Connect, etc., KANTAR offers you access to all common disciplines of market research. Our clients benefit from our long-term experience which guarantees research on the highest level.

In addition to our office, we operate state of the art CATI facilities with 40 seats and a research studio, fully equipped for qual and quant research, including web streaming, sim trans facilities, and a test kitchen. The studio is centrally located on Mariahilfer Straße in Vienna and offers ideal conditions for group discussions and central location tests such as product tests, sensory tests, etc). Our clients are serviced by an experienced team of market researchers which includes marketing experts and psychologists. Approx. 75 field interviewers work with tablets or notebooks in all Austrian regions. In addition, we have infrastructure at our command for large-scale online studies, both quantitative (CAWI) and qualitative (Consumer Online Forum).

KANTAR is a member of VMÖ, VdMI,  Marketing Club, and ESOMAR.

Utilize our long-standing experience in an international surroundings which will guarantee you market research on a high level!

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Our Company Philosophy

Growth of our customers is our aim!

We do everything to provide our clients with the best answer to their questions. Most of the time this goes back to one basic aim: Create sustainable growth! Therefore our research and consulting offer is aimed to support our clients’ growth with clear and action oriented recommendations.

Experience from numerous projects as well as understanding the client and his market and his growth targets are very important for the quality of market research. We offer “consulting by research”, i. e. we do not restrict ourselves to deliver project results but work with our clients on specific plans so that they can utilize their growth opportunities and master their current challenges.

The classification of the market research and consulting project with the four dimensions of our growth map helps to define clearly the aims of a project. Based on this we optimize research design and analysis:

More customers

More money from each customer

New markets 4
New products & services 3
New customer 2
Customer loyalty, cross-/up-selling 1
Today's business

Global networkGlobal network

As a member of KANTAR – located in more than 80 countries – KANTAR Info Research Austria benefits from the global know-how transfer and the international quality standards of a leading network for market research, social research and marketing consulting.
R&D is of high importance within KANTAR. Thus we can – exclusively in Austria -offer a wide range of highly developed (and constantly updated) tools for both quantitative and qualitative research.
Following the “Think global – act local” approach and based on over 55 years of experience, we offer our clients tailored solutions, founded on international know-how and validated tools.


QualityAn essential requirement for solution-oriented consulting are data with high validity and reliability. Therefore we set the highest value on quality assurance on all steps of a market research project. This starts with a detailed – if possible personal – briefing with the client to exactly outline the task. Quality criteria exist for each step: proposal writing, questionnaire development, sample drawing, fieldwork and data analysis. As a member of ESOMAR we also commit ourselves to abide by the rules and quality guidelines of this international market research association. Our employees are our most important assets in this respect. Specific international trainings by KANTAR and longtime practical  experience are important elements for quality and success of our work.

Speed and Adherence to schedules

Fast availability of data, analyses and consulting as well as high timing reliablity is of very high importance to many of our clients. Therefore we strive for time efficient execution of all project steps while strictly sticking to our quality standards. Standardised processes and up-to-date technology help us in this respect.

How to find us

Kaiserstrasse 55 (near junction Westbahnstrasse)
1070 Vienna
Public garage: Kaiserstrasse 45
Public transport: Underground U6 (Burggasse), Tram lines 49 and 5

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Test studio 

KANTAR Info Research Austria has a very centrally located and quiet test studio in one of the busiest shopping streets in Austria, Mariahilfer Strasse in Vienna.

We offer spacious, individually usable and naturally-lit rooms for group discussions with an attached room for observation. One of the rooms can be separated with a temporary wall and can then be used for face-to-face interviews. Due to the highly frequented location of our studio we can recruit respondents for very different criteria.


Group discussions:

Group discussions (with or without translator) and studio interviews can be carried out in rooms totaling 175 sqm which are air-conditioned and equipped with video cameras and microphones. By means of a soundproof one-way mirror sized 300x150 cm you have the opportunity to witness very closely the interaction within the group.

In-depth interviews:

Apart from group discussions these premises are also well suited for observing in-depth interviews. A camera which can be panned up and down by 90 degrees and which has a high-quality focussing system allows you detailed observation. The extensive technical equipment is most up-to-date and guarantees video and audio recording as well as video streaming in excellent quality.

Product testing:

For product tastings we offer a fully equipped kitchen with 8 hot plates, oven and microwave. Our kitchen is separate from the interviewing rooms so there are no sensory based influences. Our storage facilities include relevant rooms as well as several refrigerators and deep frozen units which allow for the appropriate storage of test products.

Our strengths are:

Usability test

We use this technique to evaluate the usability of a product by consumers

Packaging / Design test

How do design, handling as well as inner and outer packaging appear to the consumer?

Flavour test

Evaluation of the flavour of a product

Price test

Testing the price sensitivity of consumers

In addition to the possibility of booking a package or renting the rooms for your own research team we happily answer your questions about our test studio as well as our varied offer of qualitative and psychological researches.

This is how you reach us


KANTAR Info Research Austria

Mariahilfer Strasse 103 (end of passage way, ground level)

1060 Vienna

Tel.:  +43-1-5953629 (not manned fulltime)
         +43-1-5265584-0 (main office)

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You can get in about 30 minutes from the airport to our studio which is located close to underground station Zieglergasse (line U3).